Dr. Homework partnering with Virginia Department of Education to support Parents and Students!

The Virginia Department of Education proudly announces the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants Program to improve children’s English reading/writing, mathematics and science skills.

The K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants Program provides $3,000 digital vouchers to families of eligible K-12 public school students. Families use these vouchers to purchase high-quality tutoring services.

What are K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants?

The Virginia Department of Education’s $68 million K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants program provides funds for families to access tutoring and educational services their children need to address the impact of the pandemic on their academic progress and well-being. The funds are provided to families through an electronic payment platform, which will be used to pay tutors and educational service providers for qualified expenditures and approved services rendered to eligible students.

Qualified families can receive a $3,000 K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant.Dr. Homework is now an approved tutor provider with the Virginia Department of Education’s K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant.For more information about the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants and family eligibility, visit the Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant landing page.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Create a FACTS account or log into your FACTS account to create an account.

Step 2: Once you have been approved for funds, click “Sign Up” and follow the prompts on the Dr. Homework Virginia site.

Our Key Features

Online Instruction

Access up to five online instruction sessions per month.

Unlimited Students

Add as many students as you want under one account.


Diagnostic tests that include Reporting for student progress.


Certified Tutors & Instructors with background check.

Alignment to School

Aligned to student grade level to keep students on track.

Keep Student On Track

Provides data to show student’s progress through current grade level and preparation for the next grade level.


Access ready-made lessons and instruction specifically directed to address student’s skills and needs.


Create and assign assessments, quizzes, practice and activities for at home instruction.

Get your Student Ahead

Opportunity to grow students by accessing advanced level course work.

How It Works

Live, Online, Small Group Tutoring


Diagnostics & Reporting


Quizzes & Activities