Dr. Homework partnering with Louisiana Tutoring to support Parents and Students!

The Louisiana Department of Education proudly announces the Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program to improve children’s literacy skills.

The Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program provides $1,000 digital vouchers to families of eligible K-5 public school students. Families use these vouchers to purchase high-quality literacy tutoring services.

Steps to Sign up

Below are the steps to confirm your child is eligible to participate in the Louisiana Tutoring Initiative Program.

Step 1: Obtain your child’s Louisiana Department of Education Student ID. Your child’s school can provide you with this information.

Step 2: Complete the sign-up process on this website. You will be asked to provide your contact information, read, and attest to the Program requirements, and provide us with your child’s unique ID, school district, school, grade level, and date of birth.

Step 3: Once your student is located in the Louisiana Department of Education’s eligible student database, you will be able to create your student’s individual record, access important information that provides you with information on program participation history and remaining funds, and a list of all participating tutors.

Step 4: After creating your child’s record, Dr Homework will select the perfect tutor for your child and begin tutoring. Please ensure you provide the tutor your child’s unique ID.

Step 5: After at least one tutoring session has taken place, Dr Homework team will work directly with Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program and keep accounting of your available tutoring sessions.

Step 6: A Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program Case Manager will review the submitted invoice to ensure all necessary information has been provided. Once the request has been preliminarily approved, you will receive an email to approve the payment. Once approved, your child’s tutor will be paid for his/her services.

Our Key Features

Online Instruction

Access up to five online instruction sessions per month.

Unlimited Students

Add as many students as you want under one account.


Diagnostic tests that include Reporting for student progress.


Certified Tutors & Instructors with background check.

Alignment to School

Aligned to student grade level to keep students on track.

Keep Student On Track

Provides data to show student’s progress through current grade level and preparation for the next grade level.


Access ready-made lessons and instruction specifically directed to address student’s skills and needs.


Create and assign assessments, quizzes, practice and activities for at home instruction.

Get your Student Ahead

Opportunity to grow students by accessing advanced level course work.

How It Works

Live, Online, Small Group Tutoring


Diagnostics & Reporting


Quizzes & Activities




The Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program provides $1,000 vouchers to families of eligible K-5 public school students. The digital vouchers can be used to purchase high-quality literacy tutoring. The program is part of the Louisiana Tutoring Initiative. It is named after the late Baton Rouge State Representative Steve Carter and is the result of Act 415 of the 2021 Legislative Session (RS 17:4032.1).

The Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program is for eligible public school students in grades K-5. Students in grades K-3 are eligible if they scored below proficient on their beginning of year screener. Students in grades 4-5 are eligible if they scored below Mastery in ELA on the spring 2022 LEAP assessment. The program is targeted for students who need additional literacy support. Families who are unsure of how their child scored should contact their school for additional information.

School systems are identifying eligible students and will notify families if they are eligible. Your student’s school will send home information about the program and how to access the tutoring platform. You will register your student using their school-assigned student ID number. If eligible, your online account will include a digital voucher of $1,000 to be used only through the platform to schedule tutoring sessions.

This program connects families with high-quality tutors who have been approved through the Louisiana Department of Education. Tutors are certified teachers in elementary or reading or have a degree in education, English, or another subject indicative of expertise in reading and literacy.

Once student registration opens, families will utilize the online portal at www.louisianatutoringinitiative.com to choose from the approved list of tutoring providers. In some cases, a child’s school system may be a tutoring provider. Tutoring appointments are scheduled between the parent/guardian and tutor and may take place at a mutually agreed upon location that may be a physical or virtual location.

Tutors will be available online for virtual tutoring if there are no in-person tutors available in your local area.

If you need assistance scheduling tutoring for your student or using the online system, email contact@louisianatutoringinitiative.com or call 877-390-0556 with questions.

The program will have several multi-lingual tutors available to accommodate any student who does not speak English as a primary language.

The program provides a $1,000 digital voucher per student per year. The voucher is automatically uploaded into the student’s account through the user portal. As tutoring sessions are scheduled, the voucher funds will decrease until extinguished.