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About Us

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Dr. Homework is a department of Intervene K12 solutions, a trusted name in K12 education. School districts around the U.S. rely on Intervene to assist with increasing student performance in math, reading, and writing. Intervene provide data analytics, small group instruction/tutoring, and support to teachers.

Dr. Homework was developed in response to parents and students desiring additional instruction outside of the classroom. Dr. Homework brings over the advanced analytics, assessments and instructional expertise it uses in classrooms in a format designed to help students and parents at home.

Dr. Homework is no ordinary tutoring platform. It utilizes best practices in online instructional strategies and tactics that designed to help learners grow in skills and confidence.

COVID-19 Response

Dr. Homework recognizes the toll COVID-19 has had on parents and students. Having students removed from their normal school daily instruction has left parents attempting to fill in where schools have left off. In addition, parents are now in a position where they are looking for resources to assist these students. Thus, we are offering expanded classrooms and group tutoring sessions that allow students to meet with their peers online throughout the day in a guided, instructional, and safe environment.

We completely understand that school districts may not be equipped for online instruction, but we have a strong belief that web conference calls, webinars, course packets and software assignments are not enough for our students. Because of this, our programs are specifically designed to keep students on track and engaged with their classmates and other students their age. It is critical that our students are allowed to not only connect with their peers, but also learn through direct instruction from qualified individuals.